Producer from Detroit. Music styles include many “Type Beats”. She produces hip-hop and grunge-style sound. Lots of her music is free but she also has music for sale! Link down below. 


When it comes to making and producing beats, this girl sure knows the techniques and trends used by musicians to promote her music. Her music is unique, catchy, dark and raw! She can be sure to make a great melody for any rapper or any other style vocalist. She offers her music productions sometimes royalty-free but if you decide to use her music, be sure to leave some credit. When it comes to music production it can be difficult but aside from that you have to market yourself.

Marketing is hard, and we all need a little lift and assurance that we live in a world with people willing to listen and promote you for your good work and not just robots! This young lady has her own store and music catalogue separate from her SoundCloud where you can purchase her beats for a small fee.

If you decide to use BLOODXO as your instrumentals on your track be sure to check out her store page. I love $uicide Boy$ and her music is similar but unique in that she makes it her own. I can assure you that her music is very trending-worthy if you have the vocals to back it up.

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