O: The Free AI Assistant


Got questions? There are some FAQS below the chat! Enjoy!

This is one of our more far trained AI models. Its also our simplest to use! I am working on training all our AI  models to bring you all the best results and experience possible. However, it may take some time as I may have A.I but I’m the only developer for this entire site and training these models will be something new to learn and experience. For what is true is all the greatest things take time. 

Some questions you can ask our XK Ambassador could be about XKNOWS, its members, features, and services. For now this model will answer your questions about this site. Upon further expansions I will be training this model to provide  useful tips and things you can use for your business or art that hopefully bring you more success in regards to your craft. 

this A.I model will mostly be a simple task resolver and information tool as currently im training it to read/understand the operations and features of XKNOWS its functions and future goals as to where we strive to achieve. Our  mission in training these AI tools will be to help you grow in regards to marketing yourself or a business, growing and learning more as a creator by understanding trends and effective content that  can help you achieve more success and prosperity in all of your hopes and dreams. Cheers! and don’t forget to have fun! 🙂 – myndSmoke